Feel free to try the various contact forms as many times as you like. No emails are actually sent from this site.

This is the demonstration site for FlexiContact Plus. You can access the back end, look around, and change much of the configuration. The database is automatically restored to its default state every hour on the hour, so nothing you change is permanent. Even so, please don't do anything that would mess the site up for other users, and please don't enter any real personal information. If something seems messed up, come back in an hour. If it still isn't right, please contact us on our real site here.

As a safeguard, FlexiContact Plus will not actually send any emails from this site. However, you are able to see the whole process including the confirmation screen as if the email had been sent.

To login as admin, go here, and use the user-id "demo" and password "demo". The default language is English but some language packs are installed so that you can see how different configurations will work.